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Long time, no see

While Columbia gives me a brief reprieve over the winter break, there’s going to be some work going on here. Bear with me, it’s going to look rad.

Nashville, Tennessee

“Oh, you’re from New Zealand? That’s nice, y’all too far away to offend anybody. You know when you’re in Nashville, you should go see some football….” There’s nothing nicer, or more unexpected, than an immigration official talking about sports when you’ve gone 18 hours without sleep. I showed my documents, got my stamps, and walked [...]

Leaving on a jet plane…

I’m off on Monday. Stay tuned for travel blogging goodness.

Slightly late post about my secret squirrel scholarship

The week before last I went to Wellington to accept my Fulbright general graduate award. That’s right! In March, just days before I emailed to Columbia to tell them I couldn’t get the money together, I got a call from Fulbright saying somebody else had pulled out and I was first on the waiting list. [...]

Vote for me!

A couple of weeks ago I applied for an AMP scholarship. It turns out there’s a People’s Choice award, and whoever gets the most votes wins $10,000. So, if you’d be so kind to vote for me I will be eternally in your debt. To vote go to, and search for me. And if [...]

Key to Victory

A comment on another post I received today reminded me that I hadn’t blogged about Key to Victory yet. So anyway, during the 2008 election campaign I was asked by Stephen Levine at Victoria University to present a paper at the post-election conference. I jumped at the chance and eventually helped organise the conference. The [...]

Just quickly…

If you’ve got the time, this is a great essay about the state of the States.

Deer hunting with Jesus

In a couple of months I’ll be moving to a strange city in a strange country, so I feel like I need to be mentally prepared. I’m pretty adaptable, and reasonably good at fitting in and making friends, but I’m also going to have a pretty heavy load of school work to cope with. When [...]

Good news and Givealittle

The world works in mysterious ways. One day you’ll be drafting an email to say you can’t afford to take up your place at an American University, the next you’ll be offered a substantial amount of funding. In other words, I’ll be winging my way to Columbia in August! I’ve been sworn to secrecy about [...]

Fulbright Fail

Some bad news yesterday afternoon: despite months of preparation, I failed to land a Fulbright scholarship. I’m still on the “alternate” list, so if someone else pulls out I have a shot, but I’m not going to pin my hopes on that. So it’s back to the drawing board. Still around $98,000 to raise, and [...]